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tv   [untitled]    March 14, 2013 7:00am-7:30am PDT

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the love train up a little bit. and maybe get into some razz, (inaudible) i think that is probably the approach. if this does not take place, we have, it is going to be a sad day in san francisco. we will lose the operators here, because they just simply with all of the cancellations of the shows, with all of the financial hardships that they have endured they will be lost to san francisco possibly forever. and i don't think that anybody in that room want to fathom that. >> the other thing to make clear if you look at the city conditional use for this space, the 1000 van ness it was conditionally permitted to live music and expressively type of yosi type of music and they have not done anything contradicting that. i was here for holly horn when she got an entertainment permit
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for holly's place and comedy. so they went in to this building not knowing the adverse impact of maybe having a rock band or something like that. okay? >> the other thing is, the tenants who occupy the space, who have been very, very patient, and have gone through due process, also receive, i am sure a disclosure statement, saying that there is potential noise in this building, it is a mixed use building, you have studio mix, possibly causing some noise, issues. you have a theater, possibly emitting noise and you have sound and traffic possibly bringing noise it clearly states in the disclosure statement don't buy the unit if you fear any potential noise. >> thank you. >> grant it on a one day basis and let's walk before we run. >> thank you. >> seeing no further public comment. public comment is closed. >> come on up. we will hear from the police.
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>> no. you cannot. >> i have a cold that when i am warm, it makes me cough a lot. do you have something like that? thank you. >> all right. commissioners, officer dave freis permit officer northern police station for captain greg mcgrecren with me is acting captain. and regards to 1000 van ness. they are in opposition pending a noise complaint resolution between both the razz room and the neighbors, if a conditional use permit is issued tonight, northern station is recommending the conditions that have been discussed with the razz room prior to this evening. >> are these your conditions? >> this is the police
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conditions? >> i have a question, the ratio of security to patrons be one security guard to every 75, what is the rationale on that? >> initially we requested one to 50 and after discussing the ratio with stefeno, we changed it to 1 to 75. so the law says 1 to 100. and the nature of these performances would say one to 100, why would you want to have more security is my question? do you have a by basis for that? >> we felt that it was safer for the patrons that were attending if you feel differently we can go to 100. i thought that maybe something had happened that we were not aware of. >> nothing has happened. >> anyone have questions for the police? >> thank you, very much. >> nice to meet you.
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>> all right. so i want to make a couple of comments and i am going to open it to the other commissioners. >> i want to disclose that i have been a patron of the razz room and i have seen the shows by veronica and donna and others, and i was also a patron of the plush room. and so i have disclosed that. someone said something about having a lot of windows and acting in good faith. and that you, they lost that ability to believe that your good faith because you said that you were going to sound proof and you didn't. and somebody else said that you should not have to carry the burden of past operators and i agree with that. that you should not have to carry the burden of past operators but i do think that if you make a statement in good faith, and people take you for your word, you should fulfill
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that. the acoustic music that you are discussing, i have no... even if someone plays the piano that is not amplified, and in your place, how are they going to sing? without amplification? because if you amplify a voice, it is no longer acoustic, it is now amplified. now, so, this is not about opinions any more. so the voice would be amplified. so, therefore, it is not acoustic music. a guy standing on the corner playing a, guitar is acoustic, once you put on amplification you need to have a permit. >> there is no such thing as a temporary permit. so you have to meet the standard in order to get the
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permit. i don't know when patty and your contracts are coming and i don't know how long it is going to take to do the job. we might it has been suggested that we issuing a permit where you would adhere to a greatly reduced sound level, and cut out all of the frequency below 160 or 165 mega hertz might allow to you have a permit and you can come back and ask for amendments to your conditions because that would be a condition of the permit. or you have to wait until you complete the work. we don't have the latitude to grant a permit that does not meet certain criteria like building codes, or noise pollution, health department codes and fire codes, we have to follow the code. and so, and since we have
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nothing called a temporary permit. it is in my opinion that you either have to meet the standard or we heavily condition you and lower the volume. and the space does fall and travel through concrete and stuff like that. >> they definitely feel that the people who perform there, and you know, i have seen my friend, matthew martin perform there several times. and i certainly am very aware of the cultural significance of the razz room. i had to recuse myself because fighting for a culturally significant space tonight. but, there is no way that these people should have to put up
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with this at all. and if i was going in there, i would think that sound proofing in a music venue probably would have been very high on my list of things to do first and then i would have gone back and revisited how the dressing rooms looked like later. and i would just like to say that i am not in favor of granting this permit until the sound proofing is finished. >> steven? >> yeah. i kind of agree. i mean, obviously with the plush room and the mico, they know how to sound proof and they know with hotels in the building and they have been doing this for a while and i know that they know how to sound proof. i am pretty sure that once they get into that, that you will probably not hear or have the problems that you do.
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but, again, i have to agree that until we figure out, i mean, whether vaj goes in there and say that you can only play at 60 dbs i don't know what the answer is. but i kind of agree with the rest that i don't think that... i think that the razz room in general is definitely a need and it has already been proven. there has been a lack of entertainment spots for places like, for these groups, and these things, but, the neighbors, you know, right above them, i kind of, you know, i feel for them as well. i mean i have neighbors in my alley that, you know that i have to deal with. but that is clear across the alley, i can imagine when it is above them or right under them. so, i think that you know, i kind of like to say that until the sound proofing is taken care of, or somehow that we
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could temporarily grant one but at a very low, i mean if it is acoustics at a very low vaj or whatever the neighbors don't hear them at all. until they could get the sound proofing done. >> does the staff know when the sound proofing will be complete? >> >> no, we do not, we have not gotten any work time line yet. we are waiting. >> do you have a recommendation? >> can we ask? >> could we ask them? >> the staff has a recommendation on the permit? >> do you have a recommendation? >> do you not want to be put on the spot? >> okay. all right. to the applicant, what is the time frame? >> yeah? >> please? >> the special materials, the special doors, the special
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quiet rock will take 14 to 21 days. >> they are all custom made. >> so three weeks. >> yeah. >> and then how long? >> and delivered and how long to install? >> >> so a month? >> yes. >> approximately >> so 6 weeks. >> hopefully less. >> once they are installed you have to, you know, mud, paints or whatever. and there is no and when are these people booked? >> patty is the first major act that we are very concerned about and that is march 19, which is a tuesday to a sunday. >> oh, my god so that is in 14 days. >> yeah. >> commissioners? >> >> the microphone, we record this. >> we are not going to be able to survive this financially if we are not granted a permit. i know that this should not be relevant but we will not be able to survive this.
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>> we are not anticipating the 41 days, time down. it took time for us to get a team that could address this problem because obviously, this problem has been going on for a long time. >> how many nights is she going to perform? >> six. >> and tell me with the full band? >> just the piano. >> just piano? >> and how many people do you seat? >> 200. >> okay anybody else have any other questions? >> is there no alternative venue that you could rent out? >> the problem is that, you know, we have a world class artist and so she took this job based upon working you know, a world reknowned room. and it is hard to find a world reknown room not a ballroom or a theater, that you know, it is going to be very hard and also with the 6-night engagement as well. >> so do you, on your sound, is it your sound system that you
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have that you bring in a special system to meet her? only certain acts we would have to bring in additional sound, but with piano and voice it is just our sound. part of the problem here is that if he could turn back the time just a little, i probably would not have wished to open the first week with jefferson starship and i think that is what really hurt us tremendously. and had i known that we were moving to a new space, i would have gradually, first of all we would have had the time to address everything that had to be addressed, the right way. but i would not have booked an act of that magnitude in the beginning, had we had an act like patty or the caboret acts i don't think that we would be here today fighting this like we are. all that i can tell you is that rory and i are sincere people
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and i know that time has gone by but it took us time to understand the problem. it took us time to have the people to come in to explain to us the problems. because rory is financial and i am creative and i booked the room i am not a tech person. what happens after patty lapone. >> at that point, the magnitude of the dollars with patty would be tremendous for us, first of all the amount of sales that we have. to refund those tickets, it would... >> it would put us. >> never, once we refunded. >> my question is this, then, what is the next act after patty and when? >> the next act i have acts every day what i would do is i would cancel now that we have three or four weeks out, not canceling the week you know the week of. >> so you don't have another
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major very expensive act after patty lapone? >> i do, but i can change them given enough time. >> so if you had enough time, you would be able to complete the sound proofing prior to any other further acts or any further. >> any further act. >> okay. >> i would like to make a suggestion and i don't know if this is proper. we have another permit to consider after yours. i would like to is it possible that we could recess this? ask you guys to go out in the hall and speak with your neighbors and see if you can come up with a solution for those 6 days only, and then come back, can i do that? or not? >> continuing this to later in the meeting? >> yes. continuing this to later in the meeting i can do that? >> you have to move. >> so i commissioners, i would like someone to entertain a
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motion to condition this ten units, and they come back in and we will roll. and see if they can come to a compromise with their neighbors with regard to the 6 days of patty lapone because i understand what is going on with them financially and so i get that, if they can they can and if they can't they can't. >> would i like to make a motion that we recess this item for ten minutes, or until the end of the next item is finished. >> and i want to hear them again. >> okay. >> from comments from all tenants, and owners. >> okay. >> is there a second? >> it is technically to continue the item. >> it is technically to continue. >> i am sorry to continue. >> i make a motion that we continue this item for ten minutes until after the next item and then we hear from the owners and all tenants >> is there a second?
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>> wait. >> a point of clarification, are you going to reopen public comment? >> is that your intention? >> i hope in good faith, the public comment will be reduced so we are not hear until midnight. >> and that what i would like is of course i would have to reopen public comment. but i would hope that the public comment would be reduced to the tenants involved. >> that is what i would hope. is there a second on that? >> we could rule right now. >> i have a second. >> could i make a comment? >> 6 days of mitigation, sounds like it it is four or five units. and you know you can multiply the costs. >> don't tell them what to do. that is why they are going to go in the hall and figure out what to do. i think that their advisers know what to do. >> okay. >> so nicholas call the roll. >> commissioner akers? >> aye. >> perez? >> aye. >> hyde.
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>> no. >> tan? >> aye. >> lee. >> aye. >> jaef. >> aye. >> see you in ten. work it out and make it work. >> okay. 6 d, malik adunni doing business as irl productions carolina street between is 16th and 17th street loud speaker permit from 8:00 p.m. to 12 midnight. >> our sounds are usually processed by the staff without input from the commissioners, the formal commission meeting but when the applicant passed ten p.m. we require them to come before the come mission, this is for a private part y on march 28th, from 8 to 12 p.m., between the 16th and 17 street. the party will take place on the party street in the tent
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and the sound will come from the live dj. amplified. >> thank you. >> my name is jeremy rosen bloom and i work with those providing the sound and we are also here on behalf of malik who had to go out of town. i understand that you already have the diagrams provided the tenants arounds the area with a letter. we have called them. and we have emailed them and then we also have included a document showing the results of all this. the map, addresses exactly where the event is going to take place. i have talked with lieutenant knight about their concerns that we are near the department operation center. and that our sound checks and our operation may be an issue for them. she said that i should contact
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one of the supervisors there and she gave me their contact info when we are doing a sound check to come down and investigate our levels make sure that everything is okay when we are doing the sound checks and be able to perform the business. also, we are going to provide security at the end of the block and gate it off so that none of the participants will be able to go into the block operated by the center. we have also, let's see, i think that is all of the pertinent information at this time. >> did you say that your entertainment was just a dj. >> what kind of music are you playing? >> it is going to be open it is not going to be like nightcluby, dance music, just open format but we are sensitive to the neighborhoods. >> what is open format? >> popular music. >> indy rock.
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>> and indy rock? >> okay. it says that the party is going to take place until 2 a.m. and you are asking for the permit until midnight? >> what is happening between midnight and two. >> it is an experience for people who donated to help to get a product made and so they are coming with the company to experience the product before it launches in person and so part of it is an entertainment experience and part of it to interact with the device. >> what is the device. >> game consul. >> does the game consul have sound? >> the game consul, does have sound, but the game consul will not be demoed live it is just the physical item. >> midnight to two, they will get to look at it and walk up to it. but where it is not going to be a party any more >> thanks. >> of course. >> any other questions commissioners?
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>> are you providing alcohol at this event? >> that is something that i believe that i have taken care of. >> you are just doing the sound. >> so they are serving alcohol. >> i believe so, but i am not positive. >> so you are that irl. >> no we are the company that is going to be providing the sound. >> so i question is i mean it is 8 so midnight and it is outdoor, loud speaker, how you know, i hear like at other outdoor events, like the one at the opening coliseum, and you know, where they had the big rave party and everybody down in alamena heard their music. what kind of levels are you going to be setting for yourself. so, i mean it is okay to impact that general area, but how about the people on 15th street or somebody like that, that can hear your music >> john wants to take this. we have sort of arranged it so that we have a number of trust
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structures that are facing into the building which is part of the event. we have opted for having more speakers spread out so that we can actually contain the audible surface so we are not going to be focusing from a stage and projecting out and we are not going to be using huge speaker cabinets we are using a containment scenario. >> 75 foot? >> yeah, along the wall. one of the reasons that we inspect it on the high side is not so that we can use the full output of the sound system but the lower that we are able to run the sound system the more head room, it will remove the factors such as the distortion that will cause it to feel a lot louder to the people in the area. so if we could keep a nice sound system with the level low and a lot of speakers along the tent and we have done similar set ups like this before in areas that are crowded. it will really keep the actual out of the area. >> that is not what this say.
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>> this says two large cabinet and two subwo ofers. >> yes, and they are the small speakers that are going to be throughout. so there is going to be some what of a pa on the stage. but the majority of the rest of the sound is going to be fixed speakers along each wall. >> are you doing digital delays between the speakers? >> yes. >> so you are saying a surround sound type of. >> it is not surround sound because they are all putting out the same program material. >> it is around the participants. >> do the speakers face each other at any point? >> they do. >> okay. thank you. commissioners, >> are these the people that you say that you contacted in the neighborhood? >> yes. how many of them have made any complaints? >> the results are actually the one, none that i am aware of.
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the results are all, because of the way that it printed out the results on the third page, here, and nobody has come they say good to go when they have said that it was okay when the building managers and so it applies to a lot of residents but no one has lodged a complaint with us so far >> vag, do you have something to add? >> sfpd, dave had to go because of a call, but they also have some concerns, and i have met with bay view station about it because the sfpd operational center is right there that is their own concern. >> so the lieutenant leave, did someone else here. >> yeah. >> we will come in. >> thank you. >> i also want to add that this (inaudible) on it and had other substantial review. okay. >> why don't you have a seat? >> could i say one thing? >> sure. >> we are highly sensitive to
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the tactical unit that is right there and everybody including rl and ourselves is dedicated to making sure. >> why did you choose that street? i did not choose that street. >> we have been in contact with the officer menedez about this issue to make sure that there is not going to be anis and you when i talked to the officer in the bay view, she said that when we were doing the sound check and getting the contacts for the manager there and the supervisor. >> the tactical unit of the police force. >> if you annoy them... >> yes, absolutely >> you are done and you are finished. it is over. i am not worried about them coming out and telling you to shut it off. >> for what it is worth, it is also, he is okay with the knows it. >> why don't you have a seat and we will, listen to the lieutenant.
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>> good evening, rich vancrol in behalf of bay view station, and we are approving the cloud speaker permit with the stimulation that we talked about that as you know it is adjacent to our operation center. and we would like the applicant no less than ten days before the event to contact i believe that it is officer mendez so that we are present when they do the sound check and make sure that it does not disturb our day-to-day operations. and that we have input on the positioning of the loud speakers as well. in addition, we noticed on the entertainment application, i don't know if it is conflicting, it says proposed, date and time, and it says 8:00 p.m. and to midnight, and then two paragraphs down it says 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. and so we just want clarifications that the loud speaker will end midnight. >> okay, thank you. >> i am opening the floor to
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public comment. for an event on carolina street, is there any other public comment, seeing none, the public comment is close. and commissioners, is there a motion? i move to approve this with the conditions put forward by the police in that they be notified no less than ten days, so they could be there for the sound check. >> and it sends at midnight. >> yes. >> we have a motion and do we have a second >> a motion and a second. >> nick? >> akers? >> aye. >> perez. >> aye. >> hyde. >> aye. >> lee. >> aye. >> joseph. >> aye. >> could you step out in the hall and bring our group back?
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and all that is happening, could we take the next one? >> we have... we are going to take unless they walk in at this very second. let's move along, and take item 5 a. hearing and possible action regarding conditioning existing permits under the jurisdiction tim choy doing business as neck of the woods 406 clement street, come on up toby. >> no, tim. >> tim. >> so, neck of the woods is the new name of the business formally known as the rocket room. the venue remains owned and operated by tim choy and the item that you want to act on is the amendment of the existing conditions and the copy of the pe